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Reflective Insights and Project Highlights
The Continuous Quest for Improvement

[ Reflections ] Struggled initially to dial in the correct gradient colors, resulting in a potentially over-reduced opacity in the final prototype. The movement in the final gradient segment animation needs smoothing for a more polished finish.

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Animating Gradients in Figma

[ Reflections ] Despite the longer process, I sometimes prefer crafting detailed images in Photoshop for quality results. The challenge lies in text alignment, as elements are fixed unlike in Figma, requiring adaptability in integrating text with the image.

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VR Meditation App Landing Page

[ Reflections ] Explored the harmony of colors in gradient design with improved results. The real journey was mastering the pen tool for curvy shapes. A bolder font like Gopher would enhance clarity against the vibrant background, a lesson for future designs.

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Mastering the Pen Tool

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