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The Journey So Far

Embarking on my design journey in 2014, I dived deep into the architectural world. My affinity for socially impactful small-scale architecture projects emerged early on, stemming from my passion for delving into diverse cultures and respecting and integrating their nuances into my designs. However, the industry led me to projects that felt distant from this impact by often steering me towards crafting opulent residences in the Middle East.


This longing for a tangible creative contribution guided me toward UX design, where my love for research, innovation, and storytelling found a vibrant canvas in digital interfaces. My design approach has been profoundly shaped by my experiences in Dubai, the UK, the USA and India, allowing me to craft solutions that resonate globally.


Now, I'm immersed in startup ventures, spanning industrial design to UX/UI design, and even spearheading a project that unites architectural and digital design to solve an age-old problem in the design industry that had been conveniently brushed under the carpet.


Teaching, which I wrapped up last year, remains a profound part of my journey, significant as I collaborated with professors who once guided me. It's an experience that continues to resonate with me.


Off-screen, I draw from travel, art, culinary explorations, and cherished moments with friends to fuel my UX/UI design endeavors. My transition from architecture to UX is marked by a dedication to cultural richness and the lasting influence of my teaching experiences, propelling me forward in my pursuit of meaningful design.

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Snippets of my time in academia,

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